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3.5 known issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

I can’t contact support without @en9nhcet? That’s an odd new policy to have.


Wtf??? Game code game code

It just happened to me as well.

This is already on the known issues list and the help center. @platinumpwnzor the development team are shortly pushing a fix for this issue, please review the article for more info

Various fixes! Copy + Pasting from known issues. Select URLS for more information.



Tomes that boost magic, but the tome spell (explode a gem) is not boosted by magic. Is that a bug that will be addressed?


@Cyrup you forgot to add this visual bug

It say click “Y” to change class and upgrade weapon but you need to click RB (xbox)


I don’t know if it’s french version only

Edit: also it say “classe changement de classe” and we should read “changement de classe”

Maybe play game in English @Rickygervais

Je ne m’en souviens pas! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@RedRoseWarrior Platform? How did it happen? Has it happened again? Have you tried reinstalling if it has continued occurring? :thinking: Might be related to this other issue we are noticing here.

@polyester Is this still happening after you’ve scrolled through all the way, closed the menu/closed Guild, then reopened Guild? Please also try closing/reopening the game. I had it appear a few times but did the former (I needed to cycle through it altogether). If it keeps happening after that what’s your platform?

The dev team actually fixed as many instances of this occurring as possible, but there’s still some rare occasions where it’s happening again.

@Rylo_Ken Sounds like you need a good reinstall

Pet rescue tasks do not count for Daily Tasks - the development team will be pushing a fix for this to the server within a few days

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The fix broke down in the last 24 hours.
In casual PvP after the update. It would try to take the turn away, but the fix worked and I retained control. In 200 matches today I’ve lost turns in 30% of my matches. Not to argue semantics… But that’s not “rare” to me.

4-match on a first turn still wasn’t recognised… (and just cost me a game as I was rapidly wiped by a divine Ubastet defence getting a good board that I should have held)

@saltypatra @cyrup I thought this one was getting fixed?

The development team is looking into this :slight_smile:

As mentioned, there are various causes and various versions of the extra turn bug still occurring. Getting more info on this.

Platform Pc how it happened I opened my troop menu and they were all combined. I clicked on the bundle of teams and it separated them back to normal


I just found it a little strange to give magic upgrades to a weapon that doesn’t use magic. Golden Cog has two Magic upgrades. I have not checked every non magic weapons for this. Just thought to let ya know.

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Yup. Definitely happening. Had it three times this morning. If anything it’s getting worse - as I’d not noticed it very often before…

It deeply puzzles me how something pretty core to the game (4 match gives an extra turn) which worked fine for years, is suddenly broken…


I noticed that as well my hero and some enemy heroes are down to 10 attack but there are a few that still have 12 attack.

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Can you fix: I need every time to sign up to Google Play when I start the Game…

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All 4 tomes have magic bonus, none of them scale on magic unless you count summon daemon.

Extra turn bug still there and chat still broke many times

Those are several issues, at least for me. More important than introduce new pets, or daily tasks like this ones:


I´m not going to lose time doing them because I know the game, but if this tasks appear to a low level who doesn´t know too much about the game, surely he try to do them for … 100 souls, 6 maps, and 2k gold?

So much time to a low level player or a really not good reward for anyone.
Please some things are really upset out there but nothing change.

That seemed to have worked Cyrup. There wasn’t any lag before the update,and i’ve never had to do that before with GOW or any other game with updates so uninstalling the game never crossed my mind. Glad you’re there to help us out. Keep up the good work.

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Noticed a slight discrepancy in my daily task for playing Arena.

Short version says 7 wins is ok, expanded version definitely wants 8.