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3.3 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

Look like everything is fixed now, that was quick ty :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!

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And somehow it takes weeks and months to fix the guild war rankings and the 2+ year climb for any newly made guilds

We made a post about a similar thing in the forums above here, you can check it out if you like. :slight_smile:

Wow. Seems like French version needs some work! :wink:

Just some wierd visual issue. Not that important, but want to let the dev know anyway.


Sword dancer always seems to have this issue since it was released few months ago. First with troop card in battle that too big, which quickly fixed. Now it’s too small and compressed in Tribute manu. Hard to take screen shot since it rarely happened, but everytime it’s this troop, this always happen.

Thank you TimeKnight!

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Necromancy traits are not giving bonus soul rewards in Raid Boss mode.

My team has Morterra and Pharos-Ra in it, who have Necromancy and Necro Master, respectively, which gives +50% and +150% souls in battle, respectively. I fought a raid boss battle and harvested the maximum 120 souls in battle, but only gained 110 souls as a reward.

I have an overall +175% bonus to soul gain (+25% VIP, +50% armor, +50% guild statues, +50% ring of wonder). Thus, the 110 soul reward is consistent with necromancy traits having no effect on the reward. (40 * 2.75 = 110)

Necromancy appears to work correctly in battle, since the soul counter starts at 0/120 and increments by 3 for every soul harvested. I can’t tell if Pharos-Ra’s spell is correctly being boosted by the increased soul amount, since every enemy he has hit so far has been brutally overkilled, though I’d guess it is working correctly.

Thanks for that, we’re looking into this :slight_smile:

This should now be fixed!

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I have noticed that xanathos is disproportionately summoning only 2 troops on his spell kill. I also mean all combination such as 1 target fail if one slot is open, and 2 if no slots are open. I have seen it happen on every occasion in raid and my platform is xbox.

So how many of these issues have been definitely resolved? The only concrete answers ever given are “we’re looking in to it” or something similar with no time frame for any resolution.



Should and ARE are not the same thing. Want a dictionary?

Go to the first post to see the list. The ones that say ‘fixed’ with a big Green checkmark have been fixed.


Smart devs always say “should”. Every game, since always. Your attempt at snark has only made you look ignorant.


pls fix stupid zoom-bag.

  1. zoom in (or not)
  2. click kingdom
  3. click ESC
  4. nice bug (random zoom)

Closing for release of 3.4