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3.3 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

On both my Steam & PS4 accounts, when I kick/promote/demote someone from my guild, I get a confirmation message, but nothing is done.

On Steam my guild is Vorpal Bunnies.
On PS4 my guild is Dire Rabbits.

Cost me the match and the raven.


Just used my vault key from the invasion portal and this is the 3rd time Cedric has dropped zero loot. What a joke.

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Had that on my first one. It’s ridiculous that in such a limited access area they have NOTHING as a reward option… and the rewards they do have are 75% a joke.

Please submit a support ticket if you haven’t already. That’s a bizarre bug, and definitely one the devs should be alerted to.

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Xbox (french version) Please i already posted 3 times, fix Gloabal



Looks like some quality chat going on in Xbox Gloabal today…


Well that’s the reason i don’t read it lol

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My wife just changes the channel to Global 002 or anywhere else that there doesn’t seem to be anyone talking.


PlayStation chat is just off the walls, so bad that devs has to come in. I’m glad they did.


Global chat is:


Enough said :joy:


“Noone is prepared when the Apocalypse Horsemen come”


Joking aside, I use Hero with Beast Bow weapon. All its picture seem to be missing/unable to show for me. It’s alway blank like this, in battle/weapon inventory/raid shop/card info. Happen ever since Monday release. It still work just fine though, so only displaying issue.

Restarting game/phone doesn’t seem to work. I’m on Andriod.


On ps4. When using Umber Wolf with 3rd trait it causes a slight delay in any troops cast selection to appear. Super fast grinding and when you cast any troops spell the cast button won’t appear till you cancel and choose troop again. Hope that makes any sense :slightly_smiling_face:

This was happening before update 3.3

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When using sunbird with kerberos, if kerberos spawns warg it replaces sunbird, but I guess this is intended?


It’s like that if he does get his summon to trigger. So kerebos’s trait trumps a resurrected troop.


Yes when you use sunbird and kill an enemy the kerberos trait triggers, I guess. Still pretty weird :slight_smile:


I’d rather have a sunbird then a warg tho tbh, not cool if you ask me.


I didn’t see this one posted. Currently on my iPhone app version of the game, when I go to collect the hourly gold and kingdom tribute, the “blinking” gold icon on the map screen doesn’t seem to recognize my touch. Sometimes tapping repeatedly on it works and at other time I have to move the “blinking” gold icon to another position on my screen in order to collect. Eventually, it will always allow me to collect it, but its kind of annoying. This started with the original 3.3 update. If it helps my iPhones current software is 11.2.6


Next time it happens, count to 10 and try again. I’ve been noticing it too on Android. I first thought I need to click somewhere else to get it to work, but I think it’s just a matter of waiting a few seconds.

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@Rickygervais Should be fixed now :slight_smile: (weird bonus kingdom troop spell tip issue)

Guild wars is next week not raid bosses. You can check the other times beneath the other events. @Aelthwyn I can’t read French so if this is a translation error please provide further details

Did this happen before Weekly Reset?

@miedzielski Sent you some compensation.

Is this still happening? We recently fixed some issues with kicking players from guild.

How long are you playing for before this happens? Does closing/reopening reduce the amount of load? Does it happen with a particular gamemode? What’s your platform again (sorry, I really always forget so it’s best you mention it)

Contact support, this isn’t something I can help you with directly without seeing what rewards you go exactly. Cedric’s drop rates are more valuable than normal gnomes but they can also pull different amounts each time. Please include a screenshot of your battle results when you do.

LOL that’s weird thanks for the report.

@TimeKnight that’s our new troop the Invisible Man SORRY! Joking aside also, please reinstall your game (if you’re on mobile/steam ensure your acc is linked before doing so and note down your PW)

Does this happen after you’ve left the game open for awhile? I notice this as well on my Desktop (on my Android as well likely but I don’t play as much there) when I leave GoW open at work in the background. After returning to the game and select my gold tribute, it can take a few moments or selections for the loading wheel to pop up, this is pretty standard as the game just needs to reconnect to the server. Thanks for popping in from Global chat btw :slight_smile:

Behemoth and everyone else experiencing gnome rewards missing - this is something we are looking at and testing some fixes around but it’s complicated to address on the forums. If you encounter a gnome reward issue please carefully review your battle results, screenshot/take a photo of them and contact support if you are concerned.
Some articles that may help:

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