3.0 Known Issues

I got a guild task reward from a task I didn’t complete. So either the fix went through or the bug isn’t what I thought it was.

@Andrew - Received the missing mail for this morning’s guild task reward. That part of the bug seems fixed but we just had another task level finished and no notification what so ever and no mail

Just received missing guild task rewards, way more then I was owed! This game and devs are the best! I don’t even play PS4 anymore!


I just checked on my mobile, and no mail still from the guild task this morning. Same on PC.

Yet my wife who is in same guild got the rewards for the task

Email support and tell them which tasks didn’t arrive properly. They’re working overtime to smooth everything out.

Hey guys,

I’m in the office today trying to make sure anyone affected by Guild Mail issue. It may take me a while to reply to everyone so bear with me.


Thank you so very much. You folks rock.

Five starring a magic kingdom doesn’t apply the bonus to your troops on PC.
I had to restart the game on PC, and then the added magic showed (and was active) on the cards.

I tried the same on iOS earlier, and it worked fine there.
That was an attack kingdom, just in case it matters what the kingdom bonus is.

Upgrading troops in a kingdom doesn’t update the progress bar under the kingdom icon on the map.
Restarting the whole game fixes the issue.

Tested on PC and mobile.

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The defense victory progression bar doesnt seem to work anymore. I’m currently at 55/60. The game said I had 6 defense wins, still at 55/60 - later it said I had 12 wins, still at 55/60. The games show up in the battle log with names of players that lost to my defense though. So not the usual x amount defense wins all vs the same guy that gave zero pvp points.

That bar only goes up when you win Revenge battles. Defense victories do nothing.


Srsly? oO - been playing for almost 2 years and apparently never understood how that worked


This changed when we released the PVP rework back in the 2.0 update.

Due to the Defense battles (where players would fight others who had defeated their defense team) being removed, we change the Defense battle rewards to Revenge Battle rewards.


Thank you =) At least I’m not a total dork and it once worked the way I thought it did =P

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Been poking around and have seen other people with the same issue, but have yet to see a fix so point me in the right direction if there is…

After about 10 games or so (on steam) I start to get a bit of lag stutter/lag that keeps growing from every game there after. It gets so bad the dropping gems and animations just either skip or pop up and disappear.

It seems to happen more often when I’m grinding as quick as I can like explores for this weeks event.


**Quick edit, restarting fixes it fine on steam or android.

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Yep, it’s happened to me ever since I started playing. It even happens a little bit on my iPad Pro after 25 or so matches, especially if the Explore matches are really short.

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Twice so far, my iOS client got into a state where the pulsing tribute gold on my home kingdom doesn’t go away after I collect it. I can tap on it again and again, and it displays the tribute collection screens again and again. It does show the exact same tribute amounts each time and my totals do not increase, so it doesn’t look exploitable at least. Restarting the app fixes the issue.

I’ve never seen this happen before 3.0.

I have to restart now 4 times a day (since Friday) verses twice. I sit on and collect tribute and at lunch and break play a bit of PVP - so for the most part it sits down on the task bar minimized. But right now the task manager it keeps popping up from 0 cpu to 2 cpu minimized. Watching footprint right now for memory leak.

Before 3.0 I would restart twice during a 8 hour period. (When it became chunky or no animation)

not sure, if already known: I noticed Korvash had a dmg of 26. After completing the purple guild tasks he has still 26 dmg ^^

Killing a troop with Life Drain, using Bombot seems to be bugged. Even if they have a total of 24 life/armor and Bombot is hitting for 50 they life drain after the damage and stay alive with 4 life. Makes trying to rush through explore a bit of a pain when you gotta poke them to death with skulls when they should be dead twice over. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pesky bugger >: |