3.0.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile)

EDIT: Please do not post feedback regarding the UI or changes in this thread. Let’s keep it to bugs. The lovely @Taisiakat has a thread for feedback and suggestions regarding 3.0.5 here.

Hey everyone,

As the 3.0.5 patch has been released we’ve started a shiny and new thread. Please post any issues you see here and we will keep this list updated with our current progress.

As we have moved to Unity there are new minimum system requirements to play Gems of War. They can be found here.

Also make sure to update all of your drivers, as some players have found that out of date drivers are causing their games to crash.

Updated: 13th August 2017


  • PC: Settings aren’t saving correctly. Status: Should be Fixed.
  • PC: PVP defenses not being saved. Status: Investigating.
  • Both: Disappearing chat lines. Status: Investigating.
  • PC: Mail appearing as open. Status: Investigating.
  • PC: Being able to choose the hero four times in the arena. Status: Fixed.
  • PC: Scroll not working on all devices. Status: Investigating.
  • PC: Tribute appearing less frequently. Status: Investigating.
  • PC: First click doesn’t always register. Status: Investigating.
  • Both: EXP no being awarded in full. (Especially when on troop remains on the board at victory) Status: Investigating.
  • Both: Team scores still appearing incorrectly after the 1 troop defense fix. Status: Investigating again.

~Guild Wars~

  • PC: Scores not calculating correctly. Status: Investigating.
  • PC: Incorrect guild opponents. Status: Mostly fixed.
  • Both: Guild Wars wins counting as losses. Status: Investigating.


  • Trolls spell are working as intended but the text hasn’t changed.
  • Spell order working incorrectly. Status: Investigating
  • PC: Troop refunds not appearing. Status: Will be available Monday.
  • PC: Some troops stats are appearing incorrectly in Guild Wars. Status: Investigating
  • PC: Sir Gwayne not summoning correctly. Status: Investigating
  • Troop stats appearing differently between PC and Mobile. Status: Investigating
  • Necromancy trait is calculating incorrectly. Status: Is working as intended
  • PC: Gem counter sometimes displays the wrong coloured gems. Status: Investigating
  • PC: Troops still appearing when a battle has been won on 4x speed. Status: Investigating, in the meantime please play important battles on 2x speed and below.
  • Mobile: Bombot. Enough said. Status: Will be fixed when mobile moves to Unity.
  • PC: Wulfgarok not devouring when Drake is in play. Status: Investigating
  • PC: Summoned troop cards not displaying properly. Status: Investigating
  • PC: Infernus will occasionally target his second damage into the void of a troop killed by the first.


  • Some of the text appears in English even when in other languages. Status: Known issue, we’re going to get the translations out at a future time.
  • PC: Mouse wheel doesn’t scroll Troop List. Status: Should be Fixed
  • Both: Language settings. Status: We’ll take another look into this.
  • PC: Gems of War auto-minimising when another window is clicked. Status: Should be Fixed.
  • PC: Sound doesn’t stop playing when the game is minimised. Status: Investigating
  • PC: Income collection sometimes not appearing when it should. Status: Investigating
  • PC: In game: Not all cards show all appropriate gem colours. Status: Investigating
  • PC: Number of troops isn’t showing on a kingdom’s power screen. Status: Investigating
  • PC: Unable to register accounts. Status: Working on a fix to go out soon.
  • PC: Gem spawners behaving differently. Status: Considering more tweaks.
  • PC: Game doesn’t run when pinned to taskbar. Status: Game may restart when not opening the game through Steam. Game will restart to initialize Steam.


  • PC: Hero showing incorrect home kingdom. Status: Investigating.
  • PC: Lapina disappearing from the appearance menu. Status: Should be fixed.
  • PC: Hero troops not being added correctly when unlocked. Status: Investigating.

Cant find the update lol


Wow it was quick glad for you pc/mobile brothers!!!

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At this point how different are the 3.05 versions? Would it be easier to use the existing 3.05 Known Issues thread and just identify the relevant platform with the issue?

Just gained a level, 1125, and got all the team slots correctly, but I was also given an increase to a mana mastery…

Typo in new help pop up, on Steam:

Thanks for that!

I think Luther tried to give a message to devs: change Poison ;-).


Guild wars are back up,but guilfd bonus from statues are not, i wasn’t sure if u knew or not.On ps4

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When clicking on a traitstone in the troop menu it brings up a dialog box with the various kingdoms that drop that stone and you can click on the > to go to that kingdom, however the scroll bar on the dialog box can not be grabbed by the mouse until the up/down arrows have been clicked first.

On Steam

When using 2 screens, changing settings will force the window back into the main screen.

Just as a note when reporting bugs, please specify if it’s PC or Mobile, as they are now currently running off separate code-bases. Thanks!


I can’t change the language. With the patch it switched to my native language and i can’t turn it back to English. It just will restart without changing the language when i try.

Edit: It works now after i tried switching to Spanish instead, don’t know if that had anything to do with it or if it was just coincidental.

Did the mobile update not get the speed boosts? Everything else changed except that… and this makes me sad in the pants =(

noticed on pvp leaderboard when you choose players profile it no longer shows last seen . is this intended ?
also pvp points show zero on the bottom

VIP extra teams are not showing on PC

you might need to level up before you see your extra slot


Am VIP 9, I will be rather pissed if that is the case.

I mean your hero need to level up then you will unlock slot

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Ya for that stuff to show up you have to reach the nex4 level of your hero