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( 29/30 ) Outcasts and Rejects - Weekly Requirements --> Lvl 20+, 25,000 Gold, 250 Seals And 50 Trophies

Disclaimers :

  1. This post isn’t updated everyday so some information may be slightly behind.
  2. Everything here is subject to change with time.

About Us :
We’re a semi casual guild that was founded by Lyllythe & co founded by me on 11/2/2020, with the goal of creating a mostly laid back place for us to chill in and share with others.

Rules → Just be respectful to others and meet our requirements.

Guild Stats :
Lvl → 63
League Rank → 3,256
Trophies → 85,493
Guild Wars Rank → 3,571

Activity :
7/12 basic task completion most weeks.
1 - 6 epic tasks completed most weeks.
5/12 weekly guild event stage completion most weeks.
20k guild seals collected most weeks.
300,000 - 400,000 Points In Most Guild Wars

Full List Of Requirements :
Lvl 20+
25,000 gold donated weekly
50 trophies earnt weekly
250 seals claimed weekly
Weekly guild event participation is highly encouraged but not required.
25/30 Guild Wars battles done every guild wars.

With all of that said, if ya like what ya see and we have a spot open then feel free to swing by and hang out for as long as ya feel like.

  • Last updated 2/21/2021

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