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[29/30] Join CrossNations family! 1 spot open in #58 guild. All tasks done Monday + LTs. We are pretty awesome

:notes:Hello? Is it us you’re looking for? We can see it in your stats, you can see it from our reqs. If you’re all we ever wanted, CrossNation’s arms are open wide. :musical_note:

Although we have a soft spot for Lionel Ritchie (like who doesn’t), we are a hardcore guild and we get things done. :star: Our requirements are 1.5 mil, 1k trophies and 2k seals :star: But most importantly we want you to be a NICE person! We are a multinational family and we don’t tolerate any toxicity toward anyone.

Our jokes may be bad, but… that’s it really. Bad jokes with pretty awesome people. Come check out our Discord and we’ll talk more CrossNations Guild You can also find me quite often in global 002 :hugs:

:us: :finland: :thailand: :hungary: :es: :ireland: :fr: :de: