🔥 [29/30] Final Destination - LvL 800+, 1M Gold, 1.5k Seals, All Tasks and Events Completed Every Week

Greetings. We are Final Destination. A guild of veteran players from around the world.

  • Final Destination is looking for other active LvL 800+ veteran players who are willing to help us build this guild into a powerhouse.

  • We are very active in chat and are looking for others who are as well.

  • Discord is a must. Our Discord is a very helpful tool that is well organized and maintained daily.

  • GW is required. All 5 battles per day and a 40k point total minimum.

Our requirements are listed in the banner above and in more detail on our Discord server.

To get in contact with us:

Visit our Discord: Final Destination

If you are interested in joining, please message us with your invite code for easy recruitment.

Message in the comments below for any addition information.


Hei guys. As u can see. We have started a brand new guild for veterans. We all are high lvl here.
If u feel like joining a new guild but with high lvl dedicated player. This is the guild. We haven’t donated the gold yet. And we are more than half of the guild. Let’s build something beautiful from scratch. I hope too hear from u. :ok_hand:


Good luck in your new journey!


Thanks MKing from all of us :sunglasses:

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Now we are 22 players. If anyone is interested we still have spots opened.

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:joy: Where is the fun in that? :joy:

I’ll delete this happily if the OP would rather my opinion be left to myself on their Recruiting thread. But if I may…
There’s a big difference between wearing used underwear and new underwear.
Some people would rather not inherit someone else’s work or accomplishments and just start from scratch.
Not saying either way is wrong. But personally. I applaud the idea of starting a new. Those “dead guilds” should do the right thing and disband. To clear the way for other new guilds.


I do apologise for the likely tone of my comment.

I realise that I would have done better to PM the poster, and I will do so momentarily. I’ll delete my initial observation, and I’m happy to delete this post as well. After all, this is your recruitment thread.

I can accept the idea of wanting to build up a Guild from scratch. It’s a wonderful feeling to be a part of building something.


Big ups ryan👌

And guys its totally ok. Dont need too delete anything This is how we are as guild. Opened


Yeah, no need for anyone to apologize or delete anything. We thought of the idea of taking over an abandoned guild, but this seemed like much more fun. Trying our best to build something from nothing is a new challenge that all of us in FD are looking forward to.

The new/used underwear analogy was really funny and spot on. :grin:


We did everything by the book with dragon’s peak. We have planning on leaving 2 weeks ago. But then guild war happened. So we stayed and got the guild too Bracket 2. Now it’s up too them too continue. Starlite we know what we are sacrificing here GW. Oure favourite Game mode. But we need too move on. And its actually fun beeing dead on the bottom. We have already surpassed many guilds within a day. Soon u gonna be facing us GW :imp: so be prepared

Kidding :grin:

It’s fun starting fresh and new. something that we all have build from scratch we love it❤

Any ways thanks for the feedbacks


Love the guild name. Good luck with the climb! :smile_cat:


Glad to hear it, guys. Good luck with everything.

From experience with Dark Vengeance (before it sadly imploded – hope it might revive one day), you’re guaranteed of 10 brackets each Guild Wars. Any additional places you gain will be because Guilds didn’t register (so Kafka told me, a while ago). Best I saw was 30 brackets just after the patch, but that stopped somewhere in the 200s (bracket 200-300).


Suggestion: track your Guild stats from day 1, including level, trophies, ranks, and even individual player contributions, if you’re up for it. Helps build a story around the Guild. :slight_smile:


We actually are tracking our progression. We’ll have to check the totals at the end of the week, but in 32 hours we’ve gone up nearly 5k in the rankings. One step at a time. :smiley:


Thanks Asha :sunglasses::ok_hand:


We where dead last on the bottom check it out :grin:

U welcome to join us. Tomorrow’s is a new and good mythic. test your luck with us :medal_sports::grin:


Hei guys we are starting a FD Trophy Hunting Season Event
Come Join us. Get to know the team. U gonna love it :ok_hand::sunglasses::medal_sports:

From Monday reset until Thursday Sept 12th 10pm CT, the trophy hunting season will be open. At the end, we will be passing out 6 twenty-five gems gifts to the top PVP trophy hunters. 3 to top hunter, 1 each for #2-#4. Prizes awarded Friday.


This is a cool fun idea to motivate your guild. Very creative :+1:


Thanks Gee :sunglasses::medal_sports: