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[28/30] SCP Foundation is recruiting. Keys are plenty, Mythics are easy!

“Imagine just donating 3M, but gives your gold worth 90M. At SCP, your 3M investment can multiply 30 times or more. Easy! Keys are plenty, Mythics are easy! “

All Basic and Epic Tasks completed
All billion guild events completed

Weekly Dues:

  • 3 million gold
  • 2000 seals
  • Guild events - updated weekly (around weapon tier and use all sigils)

Other Requirements:

  • Communication (is a must if you cannot meet your weekly dues because of RL issues so we can understand you.)
  • Guild wars - 30 battles

Guild Wars enthusiast? We can arrange for you, talk to our hardcore GM and play with her in B1.

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Current Stats

Mythic from LT this week

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Guild Alliance: TYRANT

Other members:

  • Tyrant, Bracket 1 in guild wars, 2M gold
  • Welfare Home X, 2.6M gold
  • Snow & Rain, 1.5M gold


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