⭐ [28/30] Hoguns (Rank 14) Guild - Two open seats. MIN REQS: 300k/1500/300 - 40k seals, all tasks, & legendaries completed each week


Hoguns guild - Rank 14 - unlocks all 6 tasks, hits 40k+ seals and ~25 legendaries each week. We’re looking for a top-tier player: if you have what it takes to be in Hoguns, we want to hear from you!




GOLD: 300,000 - Average member contribution is 800k+/week

SEALS: 1,500 - Hoguns hits 40k each week

TROPHIES: 300 - Average member contribution is 500+/week

COMMUNITY - Members are expected to be active on our Discord chat server checking in and communicating.

GUILD WARS - Hoguns require members to complete all GW matches by Sunday and at least 8 Guild War sentinel levels at the beginning of the week. Hoguns is usually in GW Bracket #1 or #2 so we ask all new members to be a minimum of level 500.


We are either one of the most casual of the hardcore guilds or one of the most hardcore of the casual guilds. Either way you slice it we believe that the best way to have fun is to kick ass and our record speaks for itself.

The benefits of membership in Hoguns are many and great:

  • Completing all task gives each guild member the maximum amount of task rewards and +2 Magic, +3 Attack, +8 Armor, +8 Life.
  • Hogun’s Guild Guardians are all between 163 and 164, giving you that bonus towards each of your Hero’s masteries (Mana Surge). In addition, because of the high-level Guardians, all members receive +6% Tribute Chance, +50% XP, +6 Extra Map Turns, +10% Tribute Amount, +50% Soul Bonus, +2 Glory Bonus and 600% Daily Gold Bonus.
  • Hogun’s completes many legendaries each week giving everyone a chance of additional Mythic troops, Legendary troops, keys, glory and traitstones.
  • Hogun’s completes all 40,000 seals each week. This allows you to open the best Guild Chest with higher chances at getting Mythics or Legendaries.
  • Our members use Discord and our Hoguns Website to share teams, strategies, tactics, and more; talkers welcome!
  • We regularly survey our members to make sure they have an active voice in the direction the guild is heading.
  • We track player stats weekly and promote based on clear and concise guidelines.
  • We have members from over 15 different countries speaking over 10 different languages (all official guild communication is in English though so English comprehension is required).
  • Hoguns is a family and we love to help each other and are looking for other active members who want to do the same.


  1. Join our Public Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/w64nGDa.
  2. All interviews are done on discord so be prepared to answer a few questions.


Come and join not only an amazing guild but a close family :grin::grin::grin:


Come join our happy family that has been a staple of Gems of War since the beginning!


All the rewards and all the fun! Come join our family today! :slight_smile:


Join a guild that is friendly, helpful and awesome


Been a member of this guild for over a year and a half and wouldn’t dream of leaving the friendliest, most helpful group out there. Join today!


Looking for a new guild that is competitive and completes all tasks and closes some portals.

Level 1129
VIP 10

Just returned to the game from a hiatus and looking to get back to work. Let me know and I will leave current guild if an invite is being sent.

SIR NODLEHS <-- Invite Code


Hi Tango,

Glad to hear that. Please check in at our discord to apply.


hello im im looking to join a guild TREYDUCEY_H7EX


Hi Treyducey,

Please check in on our discord to apply. See link above.


Because of a few people wanna go to our sisterguild , we are looking for a few good players to take their place .


Hey there!
Join us.
We have also a Guild for casual players (Hoguns Paladins).
Just contact us on Discord https://discord.gg/w64nGDa


We hit 40k seals today and are on track to completing all Invasion rewards! Our community is one of the best and most supportive out there. Join today!


Hi everyone. Hogun’s is an amazing guild that is all about working as a team. We communicate a lot (sharing teams, ideas, strategies, and just fun stuff). Hoguns completes all task and ~25 legendaries on Monday. We are looking for a strong active player so, if that describes you and if you are looking for great people in a great guild, please stop by and say hello. :slight_smile: