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[27/30] SCP Foundation is recruiting! When keys are plenty, mythics are easy!

We are an active guild alliance looking for team players.

Current Stats (updated daily)

Previous Stats - gathered from Taransworld

All Basic and Epic Tasks completed
All billion guild events completed

Weekly Dues:

  • 3 million gold
  • 2000 seals
  • Guild events - updated weekly (around weapon tier and use all sigils)

Other Requirements:

  • Communication (is a must if you cannot meet your weekly dues because of RL issues)
  • Guild wars - 30 battles

Guild Wars enthusiast? We can arrange for you, talk to our hardcore GM and play with her in B1-2.

Interactive Stats

Join our Discord Server to learn more:

Or log your expression of interest here:

Guild Alliance: TYRANT

Other members:

  • Tyrant, Bracket 1 in guild wars, 2M gold
  • Welfare Home X, 2.6M gold
  • Snow & Rain, 1.5M gold


Gold Teams (using 3 Nysha medals)