2 Seeking active guild with higher reqs

My wife and I are looking for a guild with reqs of at least 1k and we do a few hundered k usually in gold. I am lv 429 & she is around 160. We participate daily in guild events gvg etc. We reach tier 1 every week in pvp. We are looking for a solid guild playing at our level. If we sound like a good fit feel free to send me a pm in discord… Kal#6098

you sound like a great fit for Intrim 4. I sent a msg for the team and you should get a discord msg soon :slight_smile:

Matrim is retired but still recruiting? :open_mouth: She’ll get you into the right place! :hugs:

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Hi, if you havent found a guild yet, the Fluffy Undead Kritters are recruiting, we are and active lvl500 guild with minimal weekly reqs, we want players to have fun and be able to develop. We havevplayers from lvl 1300 to 100.

Hi, Jessi.

I’d just put up an ad for New Order of Bastet. I’d like to think we’re somewhat unique in our “rebirth”, due to the only minimum requirement being at least 750 Seals/Week.

Our Guild was formerly Temple of Sekh’met, and with almost a full Guild, we’d been able to get 40K Seals/Week regularly as well as hitting all tasks before end of week.

I have a vision that with the Seal Minimum being the only one and Gold & Trophy mins being “Sky’s the Limit”, we can achieve this again and maybe even get Legendary Tasks between Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Anyway, think on it and give me a shout if you’d like to give us a go.