2 Active Players (Level 1308 and 1173) looking for a guild

Hi, Looking for 2 very active Players? U get at least 1.500.000 Gold, all Seals and 300 - 500 trophies on a Weekly Basis.

Ur Tasks must be completed also on a Weekly Basis! And those 40k Seals!

(We both are still in a top 30 Guild but GW is now a requirement and i don´t need that! My friend can only play on Weekends most of the Time!
But we both participate in all other Guild-Events!!!)

I´m more like a Faction Player, u will find me in top 10 / top 20 every Tuesday!
I also can say that i have good luck finding those pets in PVP! :grimacing:

The other one will play all Events as he has Time!

Feel free to text me here or on my xbox-profil:



I’m sure you’ll be able to find a higher ranked guild than mine, but if you’re wanting to have less requirements pressure (and have any interest in fostering new players), you’d be welcome in Bloodred Revenges for however long you wanted to stay.

Our minimum requirements are:
175k gold
1500 seals
125 trophies

but most of our members exceed these by a good margin. Our top 4 members always give a million+ gold a week (often twice that—just don’t want to promise it’s weekly) and with a player or two like you, we’d get all tasks done every week (right now, it’s hit-or-miss).

Feel free to message A Forsaken Fart on Xbox Messenger if you’re interested!

A Forsaken Fart ??? :joy:

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Which Rank do u have?And do u finish all Tasks/ 40k Seals ???

Our guild is currently ranked 222nd. We rise every week.

We’ll be in Guild Wars bracket 70 next month, if that’s what you were asking (I assume not, because you don’t like the event?)

We don’t finish every task every week yet, but we do finish some weeks and get very close most weeks (you might be enough to push us over that hump, at a million+ gold, but we’d probably need about 2 of you to do that reliably).

We always get level 5 chests and, for now, schedule when the level 6 chests happen. We get those about every month and a half or so, as that’s how long it takes our top people to get a few clan orbs saved.

I’m glad you like my gamertag :slight_smile:

Bonjour êtes vous toujours en recherche de guilde , nous sommes une huile essentiellement fr, le Hector, 40k sceaux, éventé terminé, Frank 3 guerre de guilde, pré requis 550k gold, 150 trophée. Contact standard eleven sur xboxone