2.1 Preview - Guilds

Considering the drop rate of mythics was decided with the vast resources of the top end in mind, if that resource generation is reduced, the drop rate of mythic may change as well.


Interesting thought, let’s hope that’s true.

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In fact, there are not so much for the Guild part (management for example). Should this update be called “2.1 - Guild tasks”?

There is just a new interface where it is still impossible to know directly the last week contributions…

What about the ranks? There are 43 slots for “Daemon Lord” in the preview video. It means that everyone can be promoted to the 2nd rank. And so that this feature is useless.

No fidelity card for the members? Something to thank them to remain in the same guild?

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I would also raise member cap so people quit complaining about 45 000 seals :slight_smile:

Milestone needed to get the final tier is (probably?) being lowered so a perfect 30 x 1500 isn’t required.

The good news is that, after a bunch of calcuations on the weekend abotu what made most sense:

a) We’re lowering the final tier requirement to 40k
b) We’re increasing the “complete any battle” reward by +1 extra seal
c) We’re switching a bunch of the Brown Statue’s gold key tasks over to give glory keys instead (equivalent to the number given in the respective tasks for the Yellow Statue)


So now everyone will need 1333,333 seals
That also mean 3 person can go in vacation the same week and other 27 reach 1500 and get 40,5k :slight_smile:

Can we know why and how much?

I am still the only one that need a huge amount of Common troops?

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No, we all need a huge amount of Common troops.


Not just common troops either, there’s also minor stones, which many people need.

I was looking forward to getting gold keys at a much lower cost than when using gold directly. Hopefully the amount was not reduced by too much?


2k gold keys was great. It was an argument to give to players: “give more golds to the guild because you will receive plenty of gold keys with guild tasks (so you don’t have to buy them with your golds)”. So now, how much this argument is wrong?

This choice is to answer to some players that prefer glory keys, why devs listen to them? There are also players that prefer gold keys…

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Hehe I got these guys ready to get my guild chests off to a flying start…


We will have plenty of gold to buy commons with the 16mil cap :wink:

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sure you will, but not everyone is the same. Many will waste most of their gold on guild requirements, just so they can reach that cap.

Well glory keys are the only way to get good cards (other than using gems) and the best way to help Ascension. Getting more glory keys should be a great thing.

I’d love to see more gold keys, but honestly glory keys are more worthwhile (in my opinion anyways) because it helps you get the most important stuff - troops that are potentially good without costing real money.

I think the only truly fair thing would be to keep the amount of gold keys the same as what they advertised and just increase the glory keys.

We are losing so many resources that this should be a better compromise. I do think it’s lame that they took something away to give something that we’ve already had back.and it would make everyone happy, rather than choosing sides


Thanks Sirrian, look forward to he update! :grinning:

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When the new system comes into place, will we retroactively get seals for gaining a pvp tier and for won matches previously in that week?


Hmm, not bally likely…

Sirrian said in global chat over the weekend that that is his preference on the PvP tiers, he’d just have to ask others if the mechanics support it. So, maybe on that one. Already won matches on the other hand, probably not.

@Sirrian or @Nimhain - with the added kingdom stars will the troop drop off values still be at 10 troops, 200 lvls, and 30 traits?