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#150, GW#8 Merry Marauders recruiting, MIN REQ 700k gold, 800 seals, 200 trophies

sorry it should be LAT456 phone decided it should the rest in lowercase

invitation sent

There is one free place in guild. Interested? send me a message or post invite code here

Hello. I’m looking for a guild.
Lv.399. All kingdoms Lv.10.

Invitation sent

Still one spot for player that can play more than once a week.

I can play at least once a day if that spot is pen still

Currently we are full, but will keep you posted once a free spot is available.

Thank you and would appreciate that

There will be free spots on Monday. Anyone interested?

Two free spots available. Anyone interested?

I would be interested. I play daily

I have sent you invite.

Hey, do you want a place in our guild? :wink:

Player One needed!

Or one Player:)

I’m interested

We’ve got spot open, if interested send me invite code and be out of any guild. Thanks.

Anyone here looking for a place in our guild?

I’d love to join. Super active. Can easily hit your minimums. Low level (185) but moving up rapidly! I’ll DM my invite code.