1-turn explore 1 team w/o Ironhawk?

Hello all.

I wil be working night shifts in the next weeks and I am planning to play some E1 runs in the background during idle time.

I am struggling to find a team with 1st turn guaranteed clear. I know Ironhawk (x1/x2/x3), along with Dust Devil/Greed/Sister Superior… can achieve this but I do not have any copy of him yet.

I am around level 1.100 and have 950 troops.

The closest I am is:

  • Hero (class XP)
  • Rowanne
  • The Maraji Queen
  • Leprechaun

Rowanne at 50%, Leprechaun fils her 80% of the time. I lose 1 turn 80% of the time, 2 turns the other 20%.

  • Sunbird
  • Fire Bomb
  • Fire Bomb
  • Fire Bomb

A bit worse, I tend to lose 2 turns most of the time.

Thanks in advance.

You can help the consistency with a green storm or blue storm.


Oh, that’s right. Thank you.

Which classes have those talents, and do they apply at the beggining of the battle? (not after the Leprechaun cast).

I see the Sunspear talent “Nature’s Aura : Create a leafstorm at the start of a battle” may work, but I do not know if it is at the first turn, or at the second one (after Leprechaun cast).

“At the start of a battle” means before the first turn, but I feel like the leafstorm would be overwritten by the permanent firestorm of the 3rd Sunspear trait.

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Sunspear’s 3rd trait overwrite the Leafstorm. If you choose Leafstorm, you will see the green ball first showing leafstorm is activated but then it turns to red before you can do anything because hero’s 3rd trait kicks in.

Handy site to check classes:



Nice, bookmarked.

I will stop Sunspear at the 2nd trait, then.

Is there any kingdom with more chances of green gems to appear at the start? Or is it RNG? If so, Forest of Thorns (pure green kingdom) may be the best option.

The starting board and gems that drop are determined by rng only or storms. The rowanne team you are using and ironhawk teams or phoenecia teams are the fastest options. If you want to know more specifics on storms this post from reddit helped clarify things for me.

Source link to reddit

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Back in the day I used Hero with 50% mana with Crescendo weapon, Elspeth, Aurai and Myzmer.

Cast empowered Elspeth on Aurai or Myzmer depending on which color is more abundant, and most likely you keep the turn and cast for the kill.

Same principle can be applied replacing Aurai/Myzmer with Ogryn, Penguin, Peryton, or Troglodyte, depending on your weapon of choice.
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Thank you a lot, great source.

Bookmarked too :slight_smile:

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i’m currently using these 2 for fast explore:

hero with anu scepter
Tink Steamsomething…

most of times explosions from Leprechaun + red/yellow storm from Tink provide enough to fill Phoe and just cast and clear

other option:

Moon singer (or whatever was the name of that purple to green wargare converter)
Queen Beetrix
Monk with any aoe weapon (or anyclass)
Melcandressa (or whatever name of her → converts yellow do green)

idea is, that you got 2 chances to fill beetrix with your converters (asumming green will line up with yellow or purple)

most of the time it will, and beetrix can 1shot any E1…

as a safeguard → Monk will gain mana for any match4, so if there’s no green lining up, maybe there’s a match4 that can be utilised to fill Monk

But that’s simply overkill… 95% of time beetrix getts filled on turn1 and 1shots everything

I use this team for quick explores, 2 casts and most kingdoms explore lvl 3, others lvl 2 this works great
The class can be whatever, I am lvl’ing this class right now though.