1.0.8: need troops +1 to sacrifice? UPDATE: yes!


Play what? How did you farm glory? Maybe maps… Or defense win, haha.


I also see how I got confused. Of course it would have been easier to see if I started out with 6 in stead of 131 for reasoning this out… Honestly, I got very good grades for maths in school, although you might think otherwise after my stupid calculation here. :smile:


Every monster from previous events will be available in chests at some point. So yeah it will be hard, but it’s a mythic card not a common one :smile:


Seems like you forgot tributes.


Yeah, I know. But it’s still unfair for those who played for a long time…
For old players, they need to make Mythic troops ASAP, but some epic troops, you know, they’re impossible… :frowning:


In fact, all previous epics & legendaries (including the Anointed one, but excluding seasonal Imps) will immediately go into glory/gem chests in 1.0.8

Not all NEW content in 1.0.8 will appear immediately in glory/gem chests though, just content prior to 1.0.8.

Not in Chests - a list of troops
1.0.8 Preview Part 3 - Shop and Kingdoms

Ah so you call “playing” the fact to click on one icon every hour, my mistake ;-).
No really I don’t understand your point of view: we talk about 2240 glory. Not 200. So yes sometimes I gain 20 glory with tribute but not so much (all kingdoms lvl 10 and use Whitehelm as home kingdom). My current stock is 4000 glory and… that’s all.
You really gain so much glory by week? I’m not a smartphone player so I cannot connect every hour…


You just made my day! Now how about weapons? I need a staff of madness!


Interesting, so as my collection stands I can get Mythic Rowane, Brian, Finley, Keghammer, Sparkgrinder, Tau & Gloomleaf, Jarl, Kerberos, Orion.


Well yeah but part should come from clicking every hour xD
If collected literally every hour glory could be almost completely collected just from tributes (for 16 epics). Depends on luck tho. + when the last week event finish we receive rewards based on our rankings, and we all started this week event with at least 200 glory (from that reward) if all other glory was spent on other stuff.


@Sirrian - Oh sweet, that actually helps a lot. For some reason I still only have one Shadow Hunter, getting those other ones that are as yet not in chests would have sucked otherwise.

Still waiting on that time machine for the mass disenchant and my 20-something Gorgothas.


You and me both. I would have been able to make a bunch of the current legendaries mythic…le sigh…


“You will never need more than 4 of a troop” – tip that’s still in-game at this writing. :frowning:


That tip is guilty of making us all mass disenchant. It wore us down until we gave in.


I never trusted that tip.
Expected some sort of crafting to come in eventually, so been stockpiling my epics and legendaries. Only disenchanted a few epics when not paying attention.


I wonder if the devs have a history of what all we’ve disenchanted and if we could somehow exchange something to get them back :wink: I would gladly give up souls/gems whatever to get back my disenchanted legendaries :smile:
Highly doubt how possible that is, mostly I’m just excited about 1.08 and dreaming.


I’ve dreamed about retroactive stuff before. It almost never works out. That VIP stuff is basically the first time I’ve seen it happen, or it will be once we get it.

Realistically, 1000 keys should get at least 20 legendaries. Between all of those, there will be some duplicates, and that is where anything that had 4 previously will be mythic-capable on patch day.

Let alone 2k or 4k. Or add magic keys. Or add whatever the VIP stuff does.

… Anyone who used to have that many legendaries probably has thousand/s of keys right now.


I think the note that all troops pre 108 (except the imps) will be in the chest is probably their solution to this. Clearly it isn’t exactly the same as you have to hope for random chance to help you out, but at least the chance is there to pick back up those cards.



I used to have that many, and only have 800 or so keys.

Im curious about the spread of keys actually, I mean in the #5 guild we get around probably close to 100 keys a week, I know MM gets more like twice that. How many keys are floating around for the guilds not in the top 10?

I’m also VERY curious to know what the future of guild tasks looks like in 1.08.


We’ve usually been getting between 180-250 keys per week, varying.

I would assume that the key tasks will be rebalanced around Glory Keys (since they’ve said as much). Extrapolating from the fact Gold Keys are 300g each (so 2 is 600g), Glory Keys are worth at least 400g to fill out the 1000g cost of an Iron Key.

They could go a few ways with this - either lower the gold requirement for the task to compensate, raise the amount of Glory Keys, or a mixture of both. OR, change the task to give us Gold Keys and Glory Keys (not likely, also lame).

Presently, 36k = 6k worth of keys per person, so the task costs 6x as much as it gives per person. We could see 400 x 6 x 6 = 14,400 or rounded up to 15k, for 6 Glory Keys per person. Or double those amounts. Honestly I want to say to keep it around the same cost as it is now and just be a ton of keys, its psychologically more satisfying.