1.0.7 A Few Known Issues


Is it intentional that the retreat option has been removed from battles? Or am I simply unable to find it? Currently I have to force quit the app in order to “retreat”.

Also, very hard to read troops in troop screen in iPhone 5. Small!

Finally, though all troops now have types (demon, etc), I can’t see their icon anywhere on their cards. How do I tell a troop’s type?


See the word bottom-center of the card.


You can try to move to the PC version? It is free to download from the official webpage. Just make sure you bind your account to an email before you switch


On android device, pictures of wild plains troops have bad scaling and they look really bad :frowning:



I have also some issues.


Ok, so there is one thing that really bothers me in the Arena. All my opponents seem to have unexplained extra bonuses. I tried it back on normal difficulty, and they always have extra stat point, even if they shouldn’t. And since I’m not benefiting of ANY stat bonus from the kingdoms lvl 10 in my arenas, that means said bonuses come out of nowhere. Either these are the kingdom bonuses, in which case I should get mine too (and it didn’t happen in a single arena), or they should have none. As I said, I tested it in the basic normal difficulty to make sure of it, and I can confirm my opponents and their troops all get stats buffs. Thought it was worth mentioning.

Edit: just added a screenshot from current arena in normal difficulty to show what I mean - no bonus for me, but bonuses for my opponent. (I only thought of doing it after I already attacked the hero once, sorry.)

Arena exploit found
How to get massive troop bonuses in Arena?


I had something worse: My opponents had their stats boosted by 3 Attack, 6 HP and 2 Defense. Which made the arena impossible for me to do (hard difficulty)

I suspect that some team bonuses might interfere with the arena, leading to such boosts.


@CSZ : Yeah, I had that as well, that’s why I tried it in normal difficulty. After it happened twice, I just had to switch back to normal to see if I was wrong, and it turns out I wasn’t. To be honest, I’ll stick to normal to play the Arena as long as it isn’t fixed.
Oh, and let me give you a tip. Change the difficulty before paying the Arena fee, close the game and restart it. When I didn’t do it, the Arena kept being on the same mode (Warlord, Hard or whatever difficulty I was on when I paid the fee). It’s a shame, but I hope it’ll get solved. I understand your pain, went through it earlier too, three times (I was changing the difficulty each time, from Warlord 3, then 1, then Hard, then back to Normal to check my theory). Lost the first one entirely (zero wins), and the two thereafter with only 3 and 4 wins respectively (although I did have pretty crappy line-ups too :stuck_out_tongue:).


The same thing happened to me yesterday.

I have noticed something else in arenas that seems strange. It happened on several occasions with both my accounts. Each time I did quests and challenges with a team that benefited from a bonus. And then I played arenas and, although the team was completely different, the bonus of the team I had used for the quests remained.
For example I used a Wild plains team to do quests and challenges in Wild plains and kept a “King of bulls” bonus in the arena although there was no Wild plains troop in my arena team.


O, your bug beats ours, it’s even weirder. :stuck_out_tongue:
At least this time around the bonus is for you! :slight_smile:

  1. on i pad mini… game consistly keeps crashing wherever i touch… Very very very annoying…!
  2. u need seriously a good UX designer. Typography, hiearchy of information, visuals just getting worse.


My son has noticed something weird. In his troops list Bul’Tauros is locked.

But he appears correctly in the menu to edit teams.

By the way how do you unlock the team that is supposed to unlock at lvl 190? We have both gained several levels since the release of 1.0.7 and it is still locked.


“locked” troops means they are part of a team and can’t be disenchanted.
Took me a while to figure that one out as well.


Yes I had seen that. And it is a good idea.
The “problem” here is that all his other troops appear locked when he clicks on a team they are part of and unlocked when no team is selected. Except Bul’Tauros who is locked all the time.


I just encountered a Crimson Bat that did 11 true damage to all, yet had no +magic bonuses to their team. Even if they did have +magic bonuses that for some reason I did not see/was not aware of, how would they get +6 magic in total to bring the Crimson Bats magic from 4 (standard lvl 15) to level 10?

edit: Must be a bug, yes?


Probably a combination of team bonuses and city bonus…?


Unfortunately, no. Only 1 city bonus gives magic and it’s impossible to get +5 magic from team bonuses if you look at the combinations that give you +magic.


You may have noticed you have exactly 19 teams to work with. This is equal to the number of kingdoms you control/are available, meaning the 20th team likely will not be available until the next kingdoms release.


Some how, when I reached level 630. It’s unlocked.


I’m level 250ish and have 20 teams…