Bug Reports

[Not a Bug] Infernus mobile (4)
Primal Rift bugged not obtain pet and more points (7)
4.2 files flagged as Trojen by MacAfee (7)
Wrong translation in french (16)
Chaos Portal - blinking animation when opening Chests! (4)
Skeleton Key (+10) - An Extra Turn is not always awarded, Treacherous Perk conflict? ( 2 ) (24)
(Fixed) 4.2 Xbox Achievements aren't active despite having the update (11)
Undefined notification (7)
(Fixed) Troops with letter with accent in french version in wrong position (9)
(Fixed in 4.2.5) [iOS] Guild contribution Screen Bugged (5)
(Fixed) Alerts are not received for Pet Rescues and Tributes (16)
(Not a bug) Frozen enemies don't skip turns on Extra Turns since 4.2 Update! (9)
Taloca bug, I don't know what it is (4)
The phone's Autocorrect is not working in the app (5)
Deathknight Armour temporarily disappears (3)
GW wins double up in Guild Activity log (3)
UI broken after viewing Google Play achievement list (2)
(not a bug) Weapon uprade of explode a random blue gem not working (3)
(Resolved) Game won't progress past initial start up screen (5)
Fix Storm Info! (16)
(Not a bug) Weapon Perk not working (7)
[Bug] Omen of Traits triggering Enemies traits (7)
Double tap L1/R1 in Troop menu shows wrong tab (2)
(Not a bug) Stun Impact occurring on skull match and not damage (17)
Possessed king stole my troop!? (6)
Unable to complete Delve (6)
(Not a bug) A question about Guild Guardians - Still dropping, but why - a bug? (10)
Wrong mana masteries on Shaman Class (4)
[Resolved] Purchased Fire Ruby Staff with gems but cannot locate in inventory (4)
Daily Mission not working (3)