Bug Reports

Weapon damage Hope's Cresent -5 in Pet rescue (17)
(Resolved) There is a bug in the Warrens delve (11)
(Xbox) Traits disappearing during delve (4)
Guild Statue Rewards - Ineligibility to receive them?! (4)
Serve and Protect with +10 Affixes does not give the Hero Barrier (11)
If I get a pet rescue notification the pet rescue should be active (6)
Fang Moor quest - broken conversation (12)
Combat ends before it ends (7)
Frozen Skull Match still generated an extra turn (8)
[Fixed in 4.3] Flame Soul +7 or more bug ( 2 ) (21)
Teams won´t load in PvP (solved) (4)
[Not a Bug] Guild Chest incorrect rewards (3)
Special event bonus is missing (Fixed) (4)
The new Delve "Fang Moor" match start with one troop (not a bug) (5)
Delve Glitched Out (4)
Princess Fizzbang got hit but should be stealthy (Not a bug) (10)
Extraturn on match 3 and skipping extraturns (12)
Game freezes during fights (10)
Thanks for the ingame breaktime (7)
Perte de compte (4)
Missing 'Difficulty' section (Resolved) (18)
Fixed it's all good *(Resolved) (2)
Settings button on home screen not working (Resolved) (4)
[Not a Bug] Delves - entangled and protected units receive damage from explosive skulls (9)
“Guild Task - No Reward” (9)
Skeleton key fails to grant extra turn ( 2 ) (22)
Can't connect to global or guild chat (6)
Treasure Hunt Event, not giving event items (4)
Stuck in initilal loading Screen (2)
Duplicate backdrops in the guild menu but with different costs (3)